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Pool standings

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PoolOwnerScoring systemEntries
Louis's 22nd Annual NCAA Pool Louis Eisenberg Louis's Modified 66
Mad March 2017 Gay Leigh Boyce glb 23
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Tunic Alex Bodaken Louis's Modified 17
Motion Kyle Vyas Louis's Modified 110
Greater Bethlehem March Entertainment Pool jeff b Louis's Modified 18
Whitney High Louis Eisenberg Vanilla 9
Unicorns & Sarcasm Genya O'Gara Louis's Modified 36
Team Levine Danny Levine Louis's Modified 18
DG Handshake Mendy Mendy Louis's Modified 5
MultiState Michael Greene Vanilla 63
Woody's 100th Peter Jewett Louis's Modified 36
FUT Madness Ian Burns Vanilla 7
PNW Salamanders allan fish Louis's Modified 11
FSE Lori McVay Louis's Modified 22
MME Eric Sanks MME 21
Family Business Michael McGrain Standard 26
Real Life Ministries Kelly Vincent Standard 2
Caseys Extended Dan Casey Louis's Modified 4
Frome CPA Bracket Pickers David Frome Basic 8
Jack Hunnell dolly hunnell Louis's Modified 0
BCD/PwC March Meeting Madness Julie Spinoso Standard 0
La Familia Peter Jewett Basic 4
MRPTO Matt McKinney Louis's Modified 14
The Pray We Aren't Going to North Dakota Bet Reeves McPJCannen Louis's Modified 3
TW Pitchers Tommy Hester Louis's Modified 5

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