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Upset rules

Upset points are in addition to the regular points you earn for each correct pick.

An upset occurs whenever one team beats another team with a better seed.

If your entry correctly predicted that those teams would face each other and that the weaker team would win, you are eligible for the upset bonus. (To clarify: if you have the upset winner correct but you picked them to beat a different team, you are not eligible for the bonus. You have to have both teams correct.)

If the pool has upset bonuses enabled, you earn a bonus that is determined by the pool's scoring system.

An upset bonus is 1 point by default.

  • A 9 seed over an 8 seed is not an upset.
  • If "Upsets: Final Four" is disabled and the upset occurred in the Final Four, there is no bonus.
  • If "Upsets: difference between seeds" is enabled, the bonus is multiplied by the difference between seeds.
  • If "Upsets: round factor" is enabled, the bonus is multiplied by the round in which it occurs.
  • The bonus is then raised to the upset exponent. (Most scoring systems will probably set the exponent to 1.)
  • Finally, the bonus is multiplied by the upset multiplier. (Again, this will usually be 1.)

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